Insights Methodology

How do we recruit the right participants for a study in China?

Chao Su
Founder of Touch

The quality of samples is crucial to a research project. High-quality data results in useful and reliable insights for a deeper understanding of research subjects. To ensure the success of recruitment, Touch builds its own unique recruitment strengths.

1.Researcher involvement.

At Touch, we think that researchers, not recruiters, should be in charge of recruiting. Our researchers are involved in every stage of the process, from establishing research personas to building up screening questions to asking the proper screening questions. There are several reasons why researchers are better suited for this position. Their in-depth knowledge of research personas aids identifying high-quality participants more effectively than depending solely on recruiting criteria. Furthermore, screening procedures give valuable insights prior to actual study.

2.Rigorous recruitment process.

Touch can find the best samples from a big data pool by going through a thorough screening procedure. To ensure that persons are representative, we conduct three to four rounds of surveys and pre-interviews.

3.Our up-to-date databases and network.

Touch has a data bank of experts in more than 20 sectors thanks to our more than ten years in the field. We've also established strong relationships with trusted partners to keep our database current, so that we can find some of the difficult-to-reach responders.

The quality of data has a direct influence on the study's quality. As a result, we pay close attention to guarantee that your research gets off to a good start in China.