Know the market

and the people.

Our services
Our services range from Design and User research to UX optimization. Our core idea is to apply the user-centric approach through out the innovation process. We help companies to understand the market, empathize with users, ignite ideas, validate concepts and sharpen user experience.
Envision new opportunities
Markets change rapidly and continuously. We help organizations to build a clear understanding of how the market and consumer landscape are evolving.
Trend Analysis Competitive Analysis Expert Interviews Respondent Recruitment Ethnographic Research Contextual Interview In-depth Interview Diary Study Focus Group Moderation Surveys Personas
Define new products
We take evidence-driven approach to help organizations translate business opportunities to solid products. We run design research, ignite ideas, build prototypes and test concepts as early as possible.
Ideation Workshops Prototyping Participatory Design Concept Testing Surveys
Craft great UX
A great user experience helps to increase sales, customer loyalty and happiness. We craft a smooth user experience through caring deeply of user needs, analyzing user behaviors and running scientific testings.
Service Blueprint Journey Map Behavioral Segmentation User Testing Usability Testing UX Benchmarking Diary Study Observation & Interview Expert Review
What we are proud of
Empathy with users
We immerse ourselves in users’ lives. You may find us talking with users, sometimes even, shopping, cooking and exercising with them. We find every way to ‘be them’.
UX expertise
We are a group of UX gurus that believe a great experience is a great brand. Therefore, we like user testing even though it can be repetitive. We know it’s a big deal to get the experience just right.
Deep root in China
Not every Chinese knows China and its people. With our years of industry experience, we build our complex knowledge web of the fast-changing environment, policies, culture and behavior. It becomes handy to explain emerging needs and cultural behaviors.
Industry resources
We have strong recruitment network that is collected over 10 years of practice. It is carefully maintained and updated to assure its quality. We take on challenges to find industry experts and best respondents.
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