Design, build, validate with quick user insights
Userlens Lab provides fast user testings service to gather real user feedback. With timely user insights, teams can iterate efficiently and launch their products with confidence.
Rapid User Testing
Gain feedback and insights from your target users in a rapid and iterative manner. The rapid user testing typically:
Tests 5 -10 participants Gets results within 2 weeks Validates new ideas Identifies majority of issues
Competitive User Testing
Compare your product with your competitors to know your advantages and disadvantages, and stay ahead of the pack. The competitive user testing typically:
Tests up to 3 competitors Get results in 2 weeks Reveals customer benchmarks Uncovers strengths and weaknesses
Quantitative User Testing
Collect behavior data and analyze metrics about user success to facilitate data-driven decisions.
Test up to 200 users Get results in 4 weeks Unmoderated and remote sessions Understands what most people do Rigorous metrics for user success
Gather feedback in every step of a building cycle
Acclerate your R&D cycle and embed user inisghts in every step. Userlens is best used when an idea is an early concept, prototype, or an in-market product.
Concept validation
Prototype evaluation
Product testing
Usability testing
Visual design evaluation
Website conversions
Our expertise
Our rich database of qualified real users provides actionable insights to fuels your data-driven decision making.
year of UX expertise
Experienced team
Our experienced research team has over 10 years of experience, working across a wide range of industries so we quickly can put ourselves in your shoes. Our rigorous testing method and process guarentee a quality testing results.
Hundreds of tests with worlds’ leading brands
Real insights, delivered real fast
Quality participants
We select real and quality participants through our up-to-date database and a rigorous recruitment process.
Fine-tuned solutions
Beyond user testing, we can also provide a variety of research methods to meet your unique goals.
Feedback in 2 weeks
We enable fast feedback within 2 weeks so companies can react to a rapidly changing market.
Unbiased results
Through rigorous and scientific methods, we help collect unbiased results from consumers.
Actionable recommendations
Our experienced team give actionable recommendations from strategic decisions to micro UX design optimizations.
Clear reports
We create approachable reports that everyone can understand so it can maximize research impact.
Beyond user testing, we offer a full range of research services.