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It's the era of appearance. Photos, videos, and selfies swirl around us and everything must look adorable. Social media (Tiktok, Red, Instagram) has already reformed our way of communicating Digital enhanced photos and videos simultaneously shaped the way we see ourselves. 'Appearance is power'. Gaining attention, more likes and followers has become a fashion among younger generations. 

Male aesthetics are also undergoing subtle changes. From "硬汉(tough guy)" and "奶油小生(butter boy)" to "花美男(flowery man)" and "小鲜肉(little fresh meat)", the diversity of aesthetics has also accelerated the male beauty industry where brands and products have increasingly emerged in recent years.

Touch conducted multiple 1-on-1 ethnographic interviews with male consumers at various stages of their lives in Tier 1 cities. Each represents a distinct group of younger Chinese customers. The aim is to have a deeper understanding of their current beauty aspiration and skincare scenario, as well as to envision new opportunities.

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

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